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Sanitize Solution

Why Sanitize Solutions?

Rear view of man worker with protective suit disinfecting industrial factory with spray gun.

A Safer Environment

Sanitize Solutions Bioshield system uses an innovative application system that allows Sanitize Solutions to treat spaces that traditional commercial disinfectants typically can’t reach through our electrostatic systems. We also use an antimicrobial coating which may reduce the risk of shutdown or non-compliance. Our products are approved to be used in and on hard-to-reach areas, nooks and crannies, porous surfaces, hard surfaces and fibrous materials. Through proprietary electrostatic technology, our Bioshield system envelops treated surfaces in a germ-neutralizing electrically charged mist. 

Sanitizing Solution which it Disinfects for up to 90 Days

Targeted Disinfection Strategies

The Sanitize Solutions Bioshield System is only part of what makes the Sanitize Solutions brand uniquely suited to commercial environment disinfection services. Sanitize Solutions employees also are trained in targeted disinfection strategies. Sanitize Solutions maximize the impact of our disinfection services by paying special attention to high-touch areas, where germs are most likely to transfer from one person to another. 

Mid sectiion of African American man sanitizing hands after health check, before entering office. Hygiene and social distancing in workplace during Coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic.

These include faucet handles, door handles, computer keyboards, phones and a number of other high-touch surfaces. With Sanitize Solutions high touch point program we can effectively treat these areas and keep you, your staff and customers touch point disinfected giving everyone that peace of mind. Call us today to become a Touch Point Healthy Facility!

The Sanitize Solutions Bioshield system also plays a role in the SanitizeMax program, a Sanitize Solutions cleaning and disinfection program designed specifically for medical spaces. Beyond the Bioshield system, Sanitize Solutions uses a range of additional products and strategies to minimize workplace infection risks. We disinfect using microfiber cloths and mop pads, which capture far higher rates of bacteria than traditional cleaning materials. We also color code the cleaning materials to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination in your workplace. Simply put, no one takes workplace disinfection as seriously as Sanitize Solutions .

Learn more about the commercial disinfectant and applications used in the Sanitize Solutions Bioshield Electrostatic system and schedule a FREE consultation by calling your PARTNER in the Bioshield Disinfecting System today at 248-568-9948