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About us

Who We Are

Welcome to COR Maintenance. We are a full service company providing facility maintenance, repairs, janitorial, construction and ancillary maintenance services to customers in a range of different industries and property types.  As a licensed contractor with over fifteen years experience and countless properties in a wide range of industries, COR is the go-to company for property owners looking for dependable, professional and cost-effective services. Highly skilled in multiple facets of property services, we strive to make facility maintenance and property upkeep as straightforward as possible.


COR Maintenance carefully engineers maintenance programs that are structured to each client’s specific needs. Clients quickly discover that the design of COR’s maintenance programs and maintenance systems reflect a deep comprehension and appreciation of a client’s assets on property. Protecting those assets is our top concern. This focus allows COR to maintain the highest level of quality for each new project. 

Best practice methodologies employed and mastered over a broad client base has allowed for COR to hone its programs and reduce cost to our clients. Our work is performed in-house by our highly qualified and knowledgeable team members along with our background certified vendor partners. 

Our full-service approach lets us make your life easier – one company on the job for all your building service needs. No more rolling the dice on several different contractors only to have jobs left with problems where everyone else is to blame – one company, one contact, one invoice. COR Maintenance: caring for your building as if it were our own.

All COR team members and vendor partners carry the necessary certifications and are experts in their respective fields. Managers are cross trained in multiple fields addressing all issues related to maintenance and construction of a property, oftentimes outside of contracted scope of work. In this way, our clients view us as a value-added operational partner, rather than a maintenance provider, and that’s how we view ourselves, a partner in our client’s success.

Our COR Experience 

Mike Frost, CEO

My name is Mike Frost, CEO of COR Maintenance LLC. We provide contracting, maintenance and repair services for commercial buildings. With our wide range of services, we can be the only company you ever need. I came on board COR Maintenance in 2009 after over 12 years of working in construction and the facility maintenance industry. My wide range of experience gives me the tools to run a full-service commercial building company that provides the best knowledge and experiences under one roof.

My goal is to establish a relationship through our first project and build a partnership that will last for many years to come as our companies grow together. I am proud to say that I have been working with some clients since 2006, and I hope to keep building long and beneficial relationships with more building owners and partners.

Join Our COR Family

COR Maintenance provides more than just facility maintenance. Under the leadership of a highly experienced team and vendor partners, COR offers clients general contracting services, general construction, facility management, janitorial service, property preservation, foreclosure services, pressure washing, on-demand repairs, disaster response and 24-Hour emergency services. COR Maintenance prides itself on treating all our clients and customers as family. COR is a company that can handle your facility needs whether you’re a big corporation or a single office or store. 

We invite you to become part of our COR Family.